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Edition of 1605 - Size 18”h x 24”w - Retail $399.00

Each Mural is Signed by the Artist and is Numbered 1 of 1605

Edition of 3605 - Size 12”h x 16”w - Retail $299.00

Each Mural is Numbered 1 of 3605


“Casa Del Mar” 18”x24” Mural consists of 12 6”x6” Ceramic Tiles. The Ceramic Tile Mural of the Caribbean, is available in two Sizes (see below) and respective Limited Editions. The “Grand” Sized Signature Edition is Signed by Stepany D’Aquisto and is Limited to just 1605 copies and is designated 1 of 1605, perfect for larger Gourmet Kitchen Backsplashes. The smaller 12”x16” version is also Signed by Stephany D’Aquisto and is Limited to 1605 copies and is designated as 1 of 1605, perfect size for most regular sized Kitchen Backsplashes.

Pre-sized: 12" x 16", and 18" x 24" (larger available on request). Murals available on 4” or 6” Ceramic Tiles.

You can order most of our wall murals to your exact custom size!

Stephany D’Aquisto can also Hand Paint an Original Tile Mural for you to your specifications.

Limited Edition Wall Tile Murals from the Original Artwork of Stephany D’Aquisto

Each Stephany D’Aquisto Limited Edition Tile Mural is produced from an original piece of Art by Stephany D’Aquisto which has been created exclusively for and is produced exclusively by StudioTiles LLC, Largo Florida USA. Hand Painted Originals are available on Comission.

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