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we are dif wo click100% Artist Designed and Hand Made in the US.

Our exclusive Artists and their Art are what make Studiotiles Tile Murals different. They are Original “Fine Art on Tile”. We do not use design processes like using still life photos, stock art, public domain art like Van Gogh etc. or edited prints or book pictures to create our murals. Studiotiles Limited Edition Murals are always created by our Artists exclusively for Studiotiles. To own a “TRUE ARTIST DESIGNED” Studiotiles Mural or Accent Tile is to own a very “True”, “Original” piece of art on tile, The Masters for our Special and Limited Edition Mural Reproductions are always 100% painted by our artists, no tricks, no computers. This is why in addition to our limited & special edition reproductions, we can actually offer “One of a Kind” and “Commissioned”” 100% Hand Painted Murals, created by some of our Artists just for you (see below). So if you are searching for Tile Art that is real, something that can’t be found everywhere, something of “TRUE ARTIST DESIGN” and beauty, you have found it here in Studiotiles Limited Edition Art Tile Murals and Tile Accents!


“COMMISSIONED ART” - Custom Designed and Hand Painted Tiles

Our Artists specialize in Commissioned Works of Art on Tile. Offering Kitchen BacksplashTiles, Bathroom Tiles, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Tile Murals, Pool Tiles, House Number Tiles and more...

Bettina Elsner is a Published Master Tile Artisan, and with over 30 years experience, is one of the Worlds Leading Custom Tile and Ceramics Artists. Featured in many Books on Tile and other related publications, Bettina Elsner creates Exquisite Hand Painted Works of Art on Tile and has built an International Reputation for Exceeding Clients Expectations.

Want to Commission Bettina Elsner for your Custom Tile Project ?

CALL (727) 517-7229 for complete info and Estimate or visit

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Stephany D’Aquisto is an extremely talented visionary artist with over 15 years experience, who has a wonderful passion for capturing the beauty of nature in her works. She is a student as well as teacher of the arts who travels the world seeking inspiration for her creations.

Want to Commission Stephany D’Aquisto for your Custom Tile Project ?

CALL (727) 517-7229 for complete info and Estimate

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Want to Commission J. Mann for your Custom Tile Project ?

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