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“MARRAKESH” Decorative RGT™ Glass Tile

Marrakesh Decorative Glass Tiles, Listello Glass Borders, Decorative Glass Tile Murals

StudioTiles presents “MARRAKESH” - A fusion of the Old and New, weaved by Master Artist Bettina Elsner.

Inspired by Ancient Moroccan Pottery, Bettina Elsner created “MARRAKESH”, Glass Tiles bursting with rich Color and timeless Shapes. Part of our Elements Design Collection “MARRAKESH” is full of Design possibilities. Each Client can Create their own vision of “MARRAKESH” with its two Moods and six Multi-Rotational Elements. Let the fun begin with its Design and continue with its Vision of Pure Enchantment.

Marrakesh “Tranquility”

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Marrakesh “Passion”

“Framed by the snowy heights of the Atlas Mountains, with rose-colored ramparts and thousand year old palm groves, Marrakesh, Morocco casts a magic spell of Pure Enchantment. Sumptuous and exuberant, it radiates with splendor and mysticism.”


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