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Edition of 2003 - Size 18”h x 24”w - Retail $499.00

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Each Mural is Signed by the Artist Bettina Elsner and is Numbered 1 of 2003

Edition of 10,000 - Size 12”h x 16”w - Retail $299.00

Each Mural is Numbered 1 of 10,000


Mural available in two Sizes and respective Limited Editions. The “Grand” Sized Signature Edition is Signed by Bettina Elsner and is Ltd. to just 2003 copies, perfect for larger Gourmet Kitchen Backsplashes. The smaller version is Ltd. to 10,000 copies and is designated as 1 of 10,000, perfect size for most regular sized Kitchen Backsplashes. PRICES BELOW REFLECT $100.00 INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT


From StudioTiles, about “Fruit of Life”

The Image on the Bowl as well as the composition as a whole is an Original Artist Interpretation by Bettina Elsner of Ancient Greek life. It was inspired by a Greek Terra Cotta Vase of the 5th Century B.C., depicting the culture of Bacchus, the God of Wine. Fruit and Wine were an important staple of life in the period and have been ingeniously combined in this Mural, hence it's name, "Fruit of Life".

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