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Granite Collection (Floor Tiles and Counter Slabs)

We have 33 Unique Granite Styles to choose from (inquire about availability). Our Granite Collection is available in 12”x12” Floor Tiles and Custom Counter Slabs. Selection below may differ slightly from DEALER available inventories. SAMPLES AVAILABLE

Butterfly Blue Granite Tile1

Butterfly Blue

Golden Garnet Granite Tile G254

Golden Garnet

Vyara Granite Tile


Golden Crystal Granite Tile

Golden Crystal

Golden Leaf Granite Tile G293

Golden Leaf

Mystic Mauve Granite Tile G752

Mystic Mauve

Juparana Colombo Granite Tile G773

Juparana Colombo

Madurai Gold Granite Tile G317

Madurai Gold

Pine Green Granite Tile G275

Pine Green

Absolute Black Granite Tile G771

Apsolute Black

China Absolute Black Granite Tile G403

China Absolute Black

Galaxy Black Granite Tile G772

Galaxy Black

Luna Pearl Granite Tile G702

Luna Pearl

Verde Marataca Granite Tile G264

Verde Marataca

Labrador Antique Granite Tile G226

Labrador Antique

Almond Mauve Granite Tile G751

Almond Mauve

Santa Cecilia Yellow Granite Tile G287

Santa Cecilia Yellow

Baltic Brown Granite Tile G704

Baltic Brown

Dakota Mahogany Granite Tile G792

Dakota Mahogany

Flamed Dakota Mahogany Granite G792F

Flamed Dakota Mahogany

Tan Brown Granite Tile G289

Tan Brown

Violetta Granite Tile G791


Giallo Antico Granite Tile G269

Giallo Antico

Giallo Veneziano Granite Tile G762

Giallo Veneziano

Sapphire Blue Granite Tile G329

Sapphire Blue

Blue Pearl Granite Tile G703

Blue Pearl

Emerald Pearl Granite Tile G705

Emerald Pearl

Ice Blue Granite Tile G717

Ice Blue

Ubatuba Granite Tile G761


Tropical Brown Granite Tile G294

Tropical Brown

Cafe Imperial Granite Tile G763

Cafe Imperial

Impala Black Granite Tile G701

Impala Black

Luna Flamed Pearl Granite G702F

Flamed Luna Pearl

Verde Butterfly Granite Tile G266

Verde Butterfly


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